Ciara and Russell Wilson Invited the Easter Bunny Over to Celebrate Win's First Easter Sunday

Ciara and Russell Wilson love going all out for their kids on the holidays, and Easter Sunday was no exception. To celebrate 8-month-old Win's first Easter, the parents of three threw a balloon-filled backyard party complete with a rainbow unicorn bounce house and an extraspecial guest: the Easter bunny! "It's your first Easter, buddy!" Russell told Win right before the Easter bunny gave the baby a high five.

"Kids love the Easter bunny," Ciara captioned a video on her IGS, showcasing the spacious backyard setting filled with colorful pastel balloon wreaths. Russell, Win, and 6-year-old Future dressed up for the holiday in matching navy-blue blazers, while Ciara wore a flowy white jumpsuit and 3-year-old Sienna wore a floral party dress. Even if Win isn't exactly old enough to remember his first Easter, the smiles on Sienna and Future's faces are proof enough that they'll be more than happy to tell their little brother all about the magical experience of meeting the Easter bunny when he's older. See snapshots of Ciara, Russell, and the whole family enjoying their Easter festivities ahead.