This Sprinkle Dot Confetti Bash Is Actually Birthday Party Perfection

As soon as Abe uttered the words, "I want confetti, bubbles, balloons, and dots," for his ninth birthday party, his mom was on a mission.

After deciding on a white backdrop to make everything pop, Lucinda of The Coop set out to create all things confetti. She covered milk bottles, Champagne glasses, and party hats with colorful tissue paper dots to set the tone for a festive day. As soon as the kids walked in, they were greeted with fabulous place settings of rice cereal treats sitting on dot confetti and vibrant drinks complete with celebratory fun straws (which also doubled as favors for the younger guests). One of the most beloved aspects of the day was the creative photo area that Lucinda designed with DIY large dot tassels as well as a basket filled with confetti poppers and a sign encouraging guests to strike a pose while popping a popper!