We're Not Sure What It Is About These Dads With Kids on Their Shoulders, but We're in Love

Is there anything more precious than a kid on their dad's shoulders, hanging onto his head or ears, living their best life? We think not. And not to mention, the dads are pretty cute themselves! Because we love little more than adorable pictures of dads and their kids, we found some of the best photos out there of kids on their dads' shoulders in various settings — on the beach, in cities, and on vacation — just for all of our viewing pleasure.


The Thirty Something Daddy

Holding onto Dad's ears for balance, ha!

Sergej Chursyn

Monkey see, monkey do.

Frog Hollow Photography

Her little smile is too much.

Mark Neaves

Chillin' like a villain on Dad's shoulders.

Jessica Banzon

All smiles!


We're not sure what they're looking at, but we're looking at them with heart eyes.


Happy dad, happy babe.

Sarah Jane

This little guy looks like he's having a blast!

Sergej Chursyn

This dad is basically a human jungle gym.

Rohit Rajvardhan

This photographer caught a sweet moment between father and child.

Krikor Daglian

Seeing the sights from up high.

Sally Baker

This little guy looks super relaxed up there.

Jesse Olson

Double the dads, double the fun.

Alyssa Tsuchiya

This little one looks like she's inviting more people up on Dad's shoulders.


There's WAY too much cute in this photo.


On a shoulder walk at the beach!