Jo and Chip Gaines Keep Sharing Sweet Photos of Baby Crew, and We Seriously Can't Get Enough

Fans of power couple Chip and Joanna Gaines waited what felt like forever for their fifth child, who we knew was a baby boy, to be born. Finally, on June 23, 2018 — two and a half weeks before his due date — baby Crew made his entrance with a "C" name that broke the family's naming tradition. It's safe to say that the baby already has as many, if not more, fans than his mom and dad, so it's lucky for all of us that Joanna has been sharing photos of her "cuddle bug" pretty regularly since he arrived.

Read through to see all of the adorable photos of Crew so far (and don't miss the sweet photo of his four older siblings at the hospital waiting for him to be born).

Crew and the family's sixth dog, an English Mastiff puppy.

Chip and Crew on the porch.

Joanna with a smiley baby Crew!

Crew looked so cute in the family's Tulum vacation photos.

Crew reading in bed with his big siblings.

Crew after seeing Avengers: Endgame. Thanos . . . that you?

We got emotional over the loving look on Jo's face in this first photo we got to see of baby Crew.

Joanna shared this sweet snap of her and Crew, her "cuddle bug," all snuggled up in bed together.

Crew making a mess, as toddlers do.

Baby Crew and his mama.

Joanna aptly captioned this cute snap, "Today's been a 'cancel all your meetings and stay in your sweats' kinda day."

All of the Gaines kids meeting their baby brother.

Joanna and Crew spent a weekend day snuggled up in sweats.

Ella captured and staged this hilarious photo of crew playing poker with his stuffed animals.

Crew's first photos with Santa came out so great!

On Jan. 1, Joanna reflected on being Crew's mama and shared her 2019 New Year's resolution.

Joanna announced that she's releasing a children's book, and it looks like Crew helped out just by looking cute.

Crew is already outgrowing some of his baby clothes!

Look at this sweet little snow angel!

At just about 7 months old, Chip calls his youngest a "chip off the old block."

Jo posted this sweet snap of Chip holding Crew and shared Chip's "hospital bracelet tradition" he started with Drake and has continued with Crew.

We basically want to jump into this perfectly serene setting. When you've got a snuggly baby and a dog at your feet, what else could you possibly need?

Chip shared this photo of Crew acting as a Magnolia Guest Services rep — ha!

Crew playing on his blocks.

Crew looking dapper on the couch.

Crew looked snug as a bug being carried by his big sister.

Looks like he stayed cozy and close throughout the event. So cute!

Crew and his fellow adorable Magnolia interns.

Chip and Joanna took Crew out for a big game day.

Crew snoozed as his older siblings played a late-night game of Sharks and Minnows.

Crew getting some one-on-one time with his dad. How relaxing!

Ella and Emmie took their brother into the yard to stargaze.

Look at those sweet little baby toes!

Just over a week after going home, Joanna said Crew was "settling in just fine."