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Dan Levy Talks About Supportive Father-Son Bond With Eugene

Dan Levy Thinks Every Father Should Give Their Son the Unwavering Support Eugene Gives Him

Dan and Eugene Levy brought one of our favorite TV families to life on screen, but their off-camera bond is even sweeter. After being named two of Entertainment Weekly's entertainers of the year, the Schitt's Creek father-son duo sat down for an interview where Dan expressed gratitude for the supportive relationship they share.

Dan values the fact that Eugene never questioned him or his identity. "I've never had to prove myself, I've never had to explain myself," Dan said. "And that, I feel like, fundamentally is the support that every father needs to give their son. Particularly, fathers and sons where the son is a gay or queer person."

Although Dan and Eugene admit they're not the most effusive family (Eugene said, "I don't finish every conversation with, 'Love you!'") they're by each other's side when it counts. Catch Dan's heartwarming and inspiring comments at the 3:42 mark in the video above.

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