Daniel Dae Kim's Sons Are Making Names For Themselves — Learn What They're Up To!

Daniel Dae Kim has been on our screens for a couple of decades, but his two sons, Zander and Jackson Kim, have managed to grow up relatively normal, private lives. A huge part of that is thanks to the efforts of Kim and his wife, Mia Kim, who have worked to make sure that their sons haven't been forced into the spotlight when they don't want to be. Both Zander and Jackson are adults now, with their own social media presence and careers, but a quick glance at Instagram proves that they're still just normal guys: doing their jobs or going to school and hanging out with family and friends.

While we don't know a ton about them, since their family tends not to talk a lot about their private lives in public interviews, both of the Kim brothers have revealed a few details on social media. Here's what we know, straight from Zander and Jackson themselves.

Zander Kim

Zander Kim, born in July 1996, is the older of two brothers. He's currently an editorial assistant at Black Dog & Leventhal, an imprint of Perseus Books (whose parent company is the major publishing house Hachette) that focuses on illustrated nonfiction books for all ages. According to LinkedIn, he also was a co-creator and staff writer at Ex-Bullpen, a baseball blog, until 2018.

Jackson Kim

Born in Jan. 2002, Jackson Kim is the younger of the two Kim brothers. According to his Instagram, he's signed as a model with Wilhelmina Models (specifically, Wilhelmina Men NYC). He began attending NYU in 2020 as a member of the class of 2024.