Guy Plans Epic Disneyland Proposal, Fiancée 1-Ups Him With an Impeccably Timed Space Mountain Photo

Sonni Vargas
Sonni Vargas

When it came time for Jordan Williams to propose to his then-girlfriend, Sonni Vargas, Disneyland likely seemed like a no-brainer setting for him to pop the question, as the couple always plans a Disneyland day when Jordan is home from his time in the Navy. After getting down on one knee in front of Sleeping Beauty's castle — Sonni of course said "YES!" — the pair headed over to Space Mountain, which is when the real magic ensued.

Sure, Jordan planned an epic proposal at one of his annual passholder-fiancée's favorite places, but Sonni wasn't about to give up the spotlight that quick. Having an extensive knowledge of all the rides' cameras, Sonni knew exactly when she'd be photographed on Space Mountain — and rather than take a typical photo of her new ring on her finger (OK, OK, she did that too, DUH), she decided to take the engagement ring selfie of all engagement ring selfies while on the coaster.

As the camera took its snap, Jordan and the two men in the row in front of the couple seemed to be feeling the effects of the lightning fast coaster. Sonni, on the other hand, was perfectly positioned, pointing at her sparkling ring and expertly smizing — and the photo is our newest obsession.

Check out all of Jordan and Sonni's engagement photos below, as well as the epic Space Mountain snap.

Jordan getting down on one knee in front of Sleeping Beauty's castle.

Jordan sliding on Sonni's new engagement ring.

Sonni Vargas

The newly engaged couple in front of the castle.

Sonni's epic engagement ring selfie that will go down in history.