So Chrissy Teigen Especially Loved This 1 Aspect of Motherhood, and, No, It's Not All the Baby Smiles

Chrissy Teigen, mom to her one-and-a-half-year-old daughter Luna and official creative consultant for Pampers Pure, sat down with POPSUGAR to dish on some of the nitty-gritty details she deals with in her everyday parenting life. After swearing up and down about the the Pampers brand — she now knows there's definitely a reason why all the moms and dads in her life highly recommended the diapers — she dove into two love-it-or-hate-it topics for mamas: breastfeeding and pumping.

"I actually loved [pumping] because I'm a collector of things, and so when I found out I could pump I [did it] so much because I knew the more you pumped, the more milk you'd make," she said, adding, "So I loved collecting my breast milk and seeing how much I could get, even if it was very, very little."

But sticking to a strict feeding schedule didn't come without challenges for the working mama: "I was also jumping right back into a hectic work schedule, so I wasn't producing a lot of milk, and it was frustrating. When you're frustrated, [it can also make you] not produce that much."

And even though breastfeeding and pumping definitely tend to take over new moms' lives — even if you're a celebrity — all the late nights and milk-production struggles were totally worth it for Chrissy.

"I loved breastfeeding. I loved pumping. If anything, it's just, 'Ah, I've gotta get up all the time to do it' — and if you want to produce like a cow then you need to eat like one," she joked. "It was hard trying to balance being fit and healthy while still realizing you have to be on TV every day."

The soon-to-be mother of two also said that Luna, was in fact, a champ when it came to nailing down a good latch. "I really enjoyed [breastfeeding] and Luna took to it so well. And I'm so lucky because I hear stories about them not latching and she was so good with it, you feel bad when you don't make as much as you can."