No Tricks Here! These Pups Deserve All of the Halloween Treats

Halloween is all fun and games, especially when dressing up pets is concerned. From crazy cat costumes to costumes made specially for dogs, dressing up is fun for furry friends alike.

As we all know, we don't deserve dogs and we most definitely do not deserve dressed-up dogs. From the good boys to the bad boys, Halloween doggos are donning all kinds of costumes, and we love them all. We rounded up some of the cutest, craziest, and most creative costumes that festive pups have blessed our feed with.

Beware, they are scary cute.

If you aren't a Harry Potter fan, you are now.

On the lookout for the Great Pumpkin. Nothing to see here.

We are never looking at E.T. the same.

We've never seen a better looking hot dog.

Donut say this costume is not adorable.

Sing to us!

"Did you really ask for extra whip?"

Set sail, buddy!

Where does one even find bonnets this size?

We believe in unicorns now.

Let's fiesta!

He doesn't look grouchy to us!

Take us to church, doggo.

We aren't sure what he is supposed to be, but we don't care.

Give us a pizza that!

He stole all the booty and we don't even care.

One Corgi dog with extra mustard, please.

Cape and all, this dog is too cute.

Mmm, we love Frenchie toast!

We have a cold-blooded killer on our hands!

"You said one olive, right?"

This is how we want every pizza delivered.

Pasta for everyone!

This dog is scarily cute.

Where's the cutest Waldo ever?

This costume wins Halloween.

We will take both of them.

"No fear, we are here to save the day!"

This looks like a holiday card and we want 10 copies of it.

Light, bright, and totally genius.

Little minion, lots of trouble.

Bow down, humans.

This is so creative (and cute)!

We want to hear this lion roar!

This is one scary scarecrow.

Get in loser, we are going for a ride.

OK, too cute to handle.

This festive doggo can't wait for winter!

Kiss, kiss!

Still looks like a good boy to us.

He is too cute to be behind bars!

We would definitely play a match against these two.

This little devil is almost as small as the pumpkin next to him.

Wrap it up and give him a treat.

Mr. Goodboy is right.

This little monster is matching with his friend.

This flower needs to be watered and fed treats immediately.

So ready to save the day!

So subtly creative.

Dorothy looks better in a bow.

A sea monster is on the loose!

Does Disneyland have a dog park? Because it should.

This is the cutest set of superheroes ever.

It looks like this good boy has tales from the sea.

Buzz, buzz buddy!

There's a new sheriff on the block.

There's a super spooky ghost in the forest, everyone!

He wins every Halloween contest from here on forward.

Arrg, matey!

We love a good couple's costume like this one.

Did it hurt when you fell from Heaven?!