This Baby Boy's Birth Proves That Third Time's a Charm

When the Sherfers were preparing to welcome their latest child, they knew they wanted to do something special. Since this was their third boy, there wasn't much that would be new to their birthing experience. So they called on the photographer who has been documenting their family over the past five years and invited her to bring her camera to their baby's birth.

"I have photographed parties, showers, family photos, and newborn photos," Bloomfield, NJ-based photographer Veronica Yankowski of VeroLuce Photography shared. "But this was the first birth I have ever photographed."

With big brothers Brayden and Liam waiting on news of their baby brother, Veronica captured the moments before Jeff and Danielle entered the operating room for Danielle's C-section. But then the unexpected happened.

"At the moment of delivery, the nurse allowed me in to see a miracle happen before my eyes," Veronica said. "I wept . . . uncontrollably."

All 7 pounds, 12 ounces of Jaxon Rayne arrived to glorious fanfare, and the exact moment of birth was captured not by the family photographer but by the nurse who grabbed Veronica's camera to get a better angle! Regardless of who took the photos, one thing's for sure: this was one beautifully documented birth, and little Jaxon doesn't have to worry about not having his baby book filled out! Read on to see all the stunning photos.