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Dude Dad Spoof Video: "My Wife in Quarantine"

This Dad Spoofed What His Wife Has Been Like While Self-Isolating, and Wow, I Relate to Her

For many of us, life right now is doing our part to stop the spread of COVID-19 by staying indoors with our families. This means that we're homeschooling our kids, trying not to eat all our snacks in one day to avoid frequent trips to the grocery store, and making mental lists of all the things we now have time to do, like reading and Spring cleaning. This is what life looks like for Taylor Calmus of Dude Dad and his family, and it inspired him to film an entire video as his wife to give us all a much-needed laugh.

In Taylor's video, he wears a wig in character as his wife, who plans on getting "so much reading done," spending quality time with her kids (when she's not yelling at them to behave), and getting out her long-forgotten keyboard to "tickle the old ivories" in the name of optimizing her time at home. There's also a lot of The Office in the background. Watch Taylor's spot-on video above for a chuckle.

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