If You're Attempting to Homeschool Kids Right Now, These Parents Totally Feel Your Struggle

If you're a parent at home with your kids and struggling to create routines, you're most definitely not alone. And while staying safe and healthy through the coronavirus outbreak is the most important thing, many parents have tried to make at least some semblance of a schedule for their kids so their days don't consist solely of Goldfish and TV shows.

The Holderness family are known for their hilariously relatable parenting videos, but "Homeschool Expectation vs. Reality," which they released on March 16, might just be the one we've needed most thus far. In the video, mom Kim and dad Penn attempt to form a homeschooling schedule for their kids, Penn Charles and Lola, filled with educational activities and wholesome lunches. Like so many of us who are able to stay home with our families right now, they start out convinced that this extra time with their kids will be nothing but meaningful, special, and full of learning opportunities.

But as many of us have come to realize, this sh*t is hard. Watch the Holderness family's lighthearted video above — hopefully their poking fun at their own failures will remind us all that it's OK we're not doing much more than surviving right now. Bring on the screen time and repeat viewings of Frozen 2, amirite?!