Parents Turned Their Garage Into "Club Quarantine" to Celebrate Their Son's 21st Birthday

Social distancing hasn't stopped families from going to Disneyland (virtually), taking field trips all over the world, and finding other ways to keep themselves entertained. For Emily Torchia from Roseland, NJ, self-isolation wasn't about to get in the way of her and her family celebrating her brother's 21st birthday, according to BuzzFeed. In a video shared to TikTok, Emily shows off her family's garage, which has been transformed into an impromptu nightclub to give her brother the full experience of finally being over the legal drinking age, and he can't stop smiling.

"It's our policy we give you a free green tea shot."

"The night of [my brother's] 21st was a great night," Emily said. "My mom and dad put in a lot of work to make sure it seemed as real as possible. My mom even made my dad memorize lines! . . . In fact, it made this time in quarantine easier."

In the video, which currently has over one million likes, Emily's mom and dad can be seen acting as a bartender and a bouncer, respectively. Also, please note the sexy leg lamp in the background. "It's our policy we give you a free green tea shot," Emily's mom said. "And we let the bouncer, waitress, and I'll do one with you." In a follow-up video, the whole family can be seen doing shots of tea, and a cardboard cuttout of Justin Bieber even made a surprise celebrity appearance!

"The comments are full of positive words about my family and my great parents," Emily added. "I always knew that they were great, but the fact that over four million people saw this video and said the same is very heartwarming and something that my parents deserve as well."