These Inflatable Sleds and Snowmobiles Have Me Hoping For a Snowy Holiday Season

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Summer is long gone, and with it are the days of pool-float lounging. But never fear: Funboy has another way to enjoy inflatable fun this holiday season. Instead of hopping onto a unicorn floaty with the family, wish for snow this winter and grab a sled, a snowmobile, or a shotski.

Funboy — the brand behind some of the dreamiest pool toys — has created nostalgic sleds that basically scream "grab your snowsuit!" And FYI: the holiday colors and nostalgic designs are only half the fun! The inflatables are made from ultrathick K80 snow vinyl material designed to withstand temperatures as low as -25°F. Plus, the sleds and snowmobile are big enough to fit two adults. So grab a sibling, a friend, or one of your own kids and hold on tight. Check out pictures of the sleds below and shop them for yourself. Don't worry, this is one family activity where it's OK if things start going downhill fast.