14 Elf on the Shelf Wine Glasses, Because We All Need a Drink After "That Damn Elf"

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Parents, it's time to collectively acknowledge that we're on Santa's naughty list, and Elf on the Shelf might be to blame. At the beginning of the month, the annual tradition is fun! Keeping up with all the exciting spots to place Santa's little friend — which remarkably always has the kids on their best behavior — is great, but after three weeks of elfing around, we're tired, and so is the elf. Our set-ups have been slacking and we could really use some new ideas . . . so, what's the one thing that revives even the sh*ttiest of situations? Everyone together — WINE!

For the times when you need a reminder to "move that effing elf," or when you just need a bit of liquid encouragement for dealing with "that damn elf," we've got your back. Ahead, shop 14 Elf on the Shelf-inspired wine glasses that will keep you afloat until he rides back with Santa on Christmas Eve (not like we're counting down or anything).