Gabrielle Union on Raising Kids in a Judgmental World: “There Are No Perfect Parents”

Gabrielle Union Wade has a year of parenting her firstborn under her belt, and though she's been a stepparent to Dwyane Wade's sons, being Kaavia James's mom is teaching her how to navigate being a parent in a very judgmental world. In an interview with the Baller Alert blog, Gabrielle opened up about her parenting style and how it's OK that what she does might be different from other parents — even from how her own mother raised her.

"Just because you grew up one way doesn't mean you have to repeat everything you were taught," she said. "It's OK to acknowledge that perhaps there's a better, more loving, more compassionate way of raising kids than in previous generations. It's OK to lead with love. It's OK if your children aren't exactly like you. It's OK to nurture your child's interest, even if those things don't interest you. It's OK to evolve your thinking. It's OK to not live in fear or judgment. There are no perfect parents or perfect children, so just breathe and do your best and lead with love and acceptance."