50 Gender-Neutral Holiday Gifts For Children

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If there was one huge parenting trend that took hold this year, it was the noticeable shift toward more progressive gender-neutral parenting. Parents who go this route try to create environments free from overtly gendered toys and clothes and with neutral names and bedroom decor (i.e. ones that scream blue or pink) in hopes that their children will choose what they like and dislike based on their own preferences and not what is expected of them.

While the parenting style isn't for everyone, it certainly got a conversation going this year. In September, the Miraloma Elementary School in San Francisco introduced a single-stall gender-neutral bathroom for its students. In October, Wisconsin's Madison West High School did away with homecoming king and queen in favor of a neutral homecoming court consisting of the senior class's top 20 students. And who could forget Target's controversial decision to remove gender-based labels from children's toys?

For parents hoping to foster this type of environment, we've rounded up 50 holiday gifts that would be a hit with any kid — regardless of their gender.