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Elementary School Gets Gender-Neutral Bathrooms

Elementary School Takes a Huge Step in Embracing Gender-Nonconforming Kids

Students at one San Francisco elementary school are facing a big change: gender-neutral restrooms.

In an effort to discuss gender identity and make all children feel included, Miraloma Elementary School has decided to do away with boys and girls restrooms for kindergarten and first graders. Instead, there will be one bathroom with a single stall that can be used by one kid at a time, boy or girl.

The change also comes in acknowledgment to the eight students at the school who are either transgender or don't identify with traditional gender norms.

"I think it invites the child, it invites the person into the space, as opposed to putting them into a moment of confusion or anxiety," said Gedalia Braverman, a mother of a gender-nonconforming first grader.

This school is just the latest to announce gender-neutral bathrooms. Many colleges now have the option available, and the White House announced a gender-neutral bathroom back in April.

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