GoldieBlox's Newest Doll Is Built For Action, Not Fashion

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Looking for a doll that's more focused on brains than beauty? Well, your search may be over. GoldieBlox, one of the most innovative STEM-based toy companies, recently released a girl-friendly action figure ($25). Concentrating on the company's mission to "get girls building," the new doll encourages spatial skills, basic engineering principles, and, above all else, confidence.

Of course, in true GoldieBlox fashion, the toy's release was accompanied by an inspiring (and dare we say smashing) video. In the clip, girls dressed in frilly pink dresses and plastic pumps walk robotically toward a conveyor belt that's pumping out traditional dolls. As they pick up their toys, Big Sister preaches the importance of beauty and perfection. But then Goldie steps in — wearing red Converse and denim overalls, no less — and shuts down the machine, freeing her friends from Big Sister's thoughts and ushering them to a world of possibilities. Though it's a tad darker than previous videos, this ad sends the same positive message to girls around the world. Will you share it with your little one?