Meanwhile, Gordon Ramsay and His Daughter Are Casually Crushing TikTok Dances Together

When Gordon Ramsay's not busy critiquing aspiring cooks and restauranteurs, you can find him hanging with his five adorable kiddos — and casually slaying TikTok challenges with his youngest daughter, Matilda, aka "Tilly." The father-daughter duo clearly share a close bond, as evidenced by their in-sync dance moves and tendency to bust out laughing together at the end of each video they share. It's pretty hilarious to see Gordon put his usual "idiot sandwich" remarks aside, let loose, and go into full-on dad mode, if I do say so myself.

To date, Gordon and Tilly have flawlessly executed the viral "Flip the Switch" challenge, valiantly attempted TikTok's popular "Say So" dance, and taken on the "This or That" challenge, to name a few. Ahead, watch their funniest joint clips so far, and follow both Gordon (@gordonramsayofficial) and Tilly (@tillyramsay) on TikTok for more entertaining content.

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