Jennifer Lopez, Camila Cabello, and . . . Elizabeth Warren? See Every Celebrity Flip the Switch Video

A new viral challenge is essentially what happens when you combine TikTok with Freaky Friday. In what is now being referred to as the Flip the Switch Challenge, social media users typically pose in front of a mirror, and then swap places and outfits at the flip of a light switch. The video format apparently originated with blogger Bella Lambert, and celebrities including Jennifer Lopez, Camila Cabello, Emily Ratajkowski, and even Elizabeth Warren have since given it a try.

Like most things, the challenge is also tangentially related to Drake, because the namesake lyric that can be heard in the song associated with the challenge is from "Nonstop," off his 2018 album Scorpion. The rapper was also famously behind the "In My Feelings" Challenge that swept through the internet a few years ago. Drake has yet to try this new challenge for himself, but at this point, we'd like to think it's only a matter of time.

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