Adorable 86-Year-Old Man Taught Himself to Knit to Make Tiny Hats For Preemies

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When many adults hit their 80s, life simply revolves around early bird specials and the latest card games, but Ed Moseley wanted to use his 80s to give back. The 86-year-old man was excited when his assisted living facility announced that they'd be working on a project knitting hats for premature babies, but the only problem was he had no idea how to knit! Moseley asked his daughter to teach him, and with the help of a kit, yarn, and instructions, in just four days he was helping premature babies sleep more comfortably.

Before he knew it, Moseley's entire couch at the Dogwood Forest Assisted Living Community was covered in hats. He did most of his knitting while watching TV and even encouraged other residents to get involved. Moseley made 55 of the 300 colorfully warm hats donated to babies in the NICU at a hospital in Atlanta, and on Nov. 17 — World Prematurity Day — Moseley and other Dogwood Forest knitters delivered the hats to the babies in need. Moseley and his care manager, Lisa, plan to make an additional 30 hats a month.

"When someone appreciates something you do, that makes you feel good, naturally," he told ABC News. "I got a lot of enjoyment doing this and now I've graduated to large caps. I'm doing caps for all my grandkids."