17 Times Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin Proved They Don't Need to Be Married to Be Good Parents

Since consciously uncoupling in 2014, Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin have managed to put their children first and co-parent like exceptionally mature and loving adults. The two still spend holidays together with their two kids, Apple and Moses, and have nothing but warm words to say about the other.

Gwyneth often posts about Chris on Instagram, wishing him happy birthdays and Father's Days, as well as sharing family photos of the four of them — and sometimes her blended family when she includes her fiancé, Brad Falchuk. Gwyneth, Chris, and Brad clearly put Apple and Moses first, which is something divorced parents should always do for their kids. No matter what's happening or who they're with, it's clear Apple and Moses are constantly surrounded by positivity and love. Keep reading for 17 examples of exactly how Gwyneth and Chris put family first.


When Gwyneth Showered Chris With Love For Father's Day

Gwyneth is always quick to share how good of a dad Chris is.


When They Celebrated Each Other's Birthdays

In honor of his birthday, Gwyneth shared this cute family photo with a message of how grateful she is for Chris.


When They Embraced Their Blended Families

No bad blood here! For the sake of the family, Chris and Brad appeared to get along just fine and spend time together with Gwyneth and the kids.


When They Hung Out Together For Some Family Fun

Because Gwyneth and Chris have been able to stay friends despite splitting up, they can hang out together with their kids often.


When They Traveled Together

They also still spend time abroad together.


When They Got Goofy Together

Apple's beautiful leap is a little more skilled than Chris's jump . . . but Gwyneth made sure to document both.


When They Made Sure to Spend Their Kids' Birthdays With Them

Gwyneth and Chris may not be together all that often, but for something as important as their children's birthdays, they appear to try to be together for as many of them as possible.


When They Took a Family Selfie

Look at those smiles. There's so much love in this family.


When Chris and Moses Rocked Matching Shirts

A father-son bond is so important and what better way to cement that than with sweet matching shirts?


When They Proved They're Thankful For Each Other

Gwyneth shared this sweet post for Thanksgiving, mentioning how grateful she is for each piece of her family.


When They Weren't Shy About Their Love

Chris and Gwyneth may not have worked out together as a couple, but they're extremely loving and grateful toward each other for the children they created.


When They Supported Each Other

Gwyneth still takes their kids to see Chris perform with Coldplay, even filming when they sing with him on stage.


When Gwyneth Proved She's Still a Big Coldplay Fan

Gwyneth's side-stage videos and photos of Coldplay still pop up on her Instagram.


When Gwyneth Helped Chris Do Big Things For the Kids

Like when Chris brought Moses on stage for his birthday.


When They Spent the Holidays Together

Because they each know how important it is to be together as a family for holidays, they often still spend them together.


When They Showed How Much They Appreciate Each Other

And they seem to be doing a pretty good job coparenting.