Holy Sprinkles! Halle Berry's "Naughty" Elf on the Shelf Dolls Went Rogue Inside Her House

The Elf on the Shelf is a longstanding tradition that just got a "naughty" holiday twist, courtesy of Halle Berry's family. In an Instagram post on Dec. 22, the actress and mom of two shared a photo gallery revealing all the mischief her family of Elf on the Shelf dolls has gotten up to so far this year. "Our goddamn #ElfOnAShelf family is as mad about 2020 as everybody else! #TisTheSeasonToBeNaughty," she captioned the post, which showed the elves getting, uh, creative with chocolate chips, marshmallows, and more.

Halle's naughty Elf on the Shelf ideas include:

  • An elf who broke into the matchbox and lit Barbie's townhouse on fire (Naughtiness: 13/10)
  • Two elves making a mess having a snowball fight with mini marshmallows on the kitchen counter (Naughtiness: 6/10)
  • A mischievous elf who peed in the 25-cent lemonade (Naughtiness: 11/10)
  • Two elf friends enjoying a popcorn party inside the microwave (Naughtiness: 8/10)
  • A fiendish elf pooping chocolate chips into a decorative candle (Naughtiness: 11/10)
  • A rogue carton of milk that tied up two elves in the fridge (Naughtiness: 10/10)
  • Two silly elves squirting ketchup onto the clean kitchen walls (Naughtiness: 9/10)
  • Four elf friends hanging out on a festive toilet seat (Naughtiness: 8/10)

Take a closer look at Halle's hilarious Elf on the Shelf moments in her Instagram gallery, and check out these decidedly less naughty but fun and easy Elf on the Shelf ideas to add an extra sprinkle of fun to the holidays this year.