This Family Is Being Haunted by an Elsa Doll, and the Saga Will Give You Goosebumps

As a person who was temporarily haunted by a nefarious doll named Robert over the Summer, I can confirm that being cursed by an inanimate object is no fun. No fun at all. But according to Emily Madonia, a mom from Houston, TX, Robert might have some Frozen-themed competition. She recently shared her experience with her daughter Aurélia's creepy Elsa doll to Facebook, and it will scare even the staunchest nonbeliever.

"Ok guys, seriously, we need help," wrote Emily. "To recap for those of you who have not been following our Elsa doll saga, Mat threw it away weeks ago and then we found it inside a wooden bench."

Um, pretty bizarre, right? Emily and Mat thought so, too. "We were weirded out and tightly wrapped it in its own garbage bag and put that garbage bag INSIDE another garbage bag filled with other garbage. Then we put it in the bottom of our garbage can underneath a bunch of other bags of garbage and wheeled it to the curb and it was collected on garbage day," she explained. "Great, right? We went out of town, forgot about it. Today, Aurélia says, 'Mom, I saw the Elsa doll again in the backyard.' [chills] HELP US GET RID OF THIS HAUNTED DOLL."

Well, that just does not sit well with me at all. Desperate to get rid of the haunted doll once and for all, Emily and Mat sent it to their friend Chris, who lives some 1,500 miles away.

In a Facebook update, she detailed how she made Chris double check that he actually received the Elsa doll in question. "He's at work now but I asked him to check it for the marker that my daughter colored on it when he gets home, so we can make sure it's the same one!" she said. "Yes, I'm unreasonably paranoid now."

And hey, when it comes to creepy artifacts, you can truly never be too careful. "Both times the doll reappeared two weeks later — or I should say, we found her two weeks later, but hard to tell how long she was there — so I'm curious how it will go from here," she said. "That's all I got for now. Picture (above) from Chris. Yes, he taped her down."

While Emily is surprised her scary encounter went viral, she ensured everyone that her family wasn't making it up. "Either the doll is haunted or some crazy psychopath has dug the doll out of the garbage (that was already taken away) and broken into my house/property multiple times," she wrote. "I am going to go with the haunted thing." She also ensured those who are following along that she knows it's the same doll, as her daughter had drawn on it with marker is specific spots.

All we can say is, what a wild freakin' ride!