The 1 Thing This Mom Wants All Babysitters to Stop Doing Immediately

It's a common question that most parents ask babysitters that few actually answer: how much do you charge per hour?

Turns out, most typically respond with "Whatever you want to pay is fine," which in theory is beneficial to the parents, but one mom was less than pleased with the polite response.

Andrea Owen took to Facebook to share her frustration with babysitters who don't name their own price and why it's so important for young girls to give the number they have in their head.

"This starts at home. Parents, teach your children, ESPECIALLY your daughters, to name her price and stand confidently in it," Andrea wrote. "'I would love to babysit your children and I charge X per hour.' It's just one sentence. Practice it with her."

As Andrea explained, this isn't about babysitters getting underpaid or not asking for the right hourly wage, it's about young girls learning to see the value in the service they provide and being confident enough to ask for what they deserve.

"It may sound crazy, but as girls, we are not encouraged to ask for what we're worth," Andrea continued. "Babysitting is commonly a first job for girls, we need to help set them up for success in future jobs and to not be afraid to ask for what she deserves."