Prepare For Your Life to Be Forever Changed: Your Instant Pot Has a Built-In Lid Holder

Marisa Hillman
Marisa Hillman

Miracles are real, and we have proof in the form of one so magical, it will forever transform all of your cooking. Your Instant Pot, aka the best and most majestic kitchen appliance there ever was, has a — wait for it — built-in lid holder! And once you see it, you'll definitely wonder how you ever missed it in the first place.

I've owned my Instant Pot for almost a year now, and I'll admit that I definitely don't use it as much as I should. As a beginner, I seem to never know what to make, the multitude of functions and settings intimidate me, and it took me a while to get used to the bulky lid. But now, that very same bulky lid and its sneaky and beautiful built-in lid holder have made me fall even more in love with this gadget.

The Instant Pot is actually designed to hold its own lid, which makes life that much easier when you're cooking with it. Gone are the days when you have to search for a spot to put down your pot's (usually hot) lid where it won't dirty or damage your countertops (or your skin). I never gave much thought to the seemingly smaller handles on either side of the lid, but it turns out that they fit perfectly into the matching tabs on the sides of the pot itself. They're exactly the same size, so you don't even have to try when it comes to putting them together. Mind. Blown.

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