This Impromptu Family Photo Shoot With Fitness Star Jamie Eason Is Pure Magic

Family photo shoots often take a lot of planning — what to wear, where to do them, the perfect timing so baby's not in meltdown mood. But sometimes they come together with little to no planning at all. Pensacola-based photographer Jordan Burch has been following her girl crush, fitness expert Jamie Eason, for a few years now. When she saw a photo of Eason and her family vacationing nearby, she reached out to the model via Facebook. Before long, the two were talking and within hours they were meeting up on a beach for a family photo shoot.

"My husband and I love taking photos and invested in a rather fancy camera to capture our son's life as he continues to grow, but rarely do we get pictures of all of us together," Eason says. "We hadn't anticipated taking photos and didn't have any idea of what to wear but Jordan reassured us that she could make it work, and did she ever?"

Given the family's connection to the beach (Eason had first met her in-laws there three years earlier, and this was their first trip back with their son), Burch wanted to capture them there to create a memorable experience. "Jordan was able to capture so many authentic and candid moments of us simply enjoying ourselves and loving on our little man all in less than a half hour," Eason says. "We were blown away by how amazing they turned out!"

She wasn't the only only one. According to Burch, "There is nothing more exciting than showing people how beautiful they are, and through photography, meeting other moms who cherish a good family photo as much as the rest of us (nonfamous folks)."

And these certainly are photos the family will cherish. Read on to see the beautiful images of Jamie, Michael, and August.