Jeff Goldblum Says He Feels "Right on Schedule" as a 65-Year-Old Newer Dad, and We're Not Surprised

Personally, I feel there's nothing that makes a man more attractive than his love for his kids and his role as a father, so my now 20-year crush on Jeff Goldblum (who I lovingly named my car after at age 17), has been validated ten times over. The 65-year-old actor, who became a father for the first time at the age of 62 when he and wife Emilie welcomed their son, Charlie Ocean, shared in a recent interview that he is loving fatherhood and the way things have turned out for him.

"I feel right on schedule and I love our two boys," Goldblum told Us Weekly at an Isle of Dogs screening in New York City. The beloved actor, who is also dad to 11-month-old River Joe, added: "Everything seemed to happen perfectly. I appreciate it wildly."


On the subject of coparent life with 35-year-old Canadian aerialist and contortionist Emilie Livingston, who he married back in November of 2014, Goldblum says that though it's challenging, the pair ensure they are able to get one-on-one time after Charlie and River go to sleep. "We do OK," he said. "We have nice people who help us and they allow us to go on a sweet date night here and there."