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Watch Jennifer Lopez Talk About Homeschooling on Ellen

Jennifer Lopez Is Also Confused by Her Children's Schoolwork: "It's a New Math"

After delivering a dramatic portrayal of a pole dancer in Hustlers and later performing during the Super Bowl halftime show, Jennifer Lopez is now facing her most challenging gig yet: homeschool teacher. The actress recently caught up with Ellen DeGeneres during an at-home version of the daytime talk show, and she spoke about the the challenge of being more involved in her children's schoolwork.

"It's a new math."

Though her twins, Max and Emme, are doing a virtual form of schooling, Jennifer said she's been supervising and helping with homework. "Honestly, I think we're all like, what is this? I'm not a teacher, and also, have you seen the math that they make the kids do now? It's a new math," she said. "Half the time I'm like, 'OK, yeah, let's look up that word. What does that mean?'" Jennifer added, "It's been an experience, for sure."

Though she acknowledged this is a "terrible" and "scary" time, Jennifer also expressed gratitude for being able to spend this time with her family. "We don't know what's gonna happen, but having a reconnection with the family and Alex, and not having to run around so much, is kind of nice, too," she said. "So, making the best of it." Watch the interview in its entirety above, and skip to 1:30 for her parenting quotes.

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