Jennifer Lopez Shares the Only Bit of "Advice" New Moms ACTUALLY Need

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Jennifer Lopez offered her two cents on how people can support new moms, and wow, she absolutely nailed it. The singer was asked whether she had any advice to share with new mom Cardi B, and J Lo got real about what mothers actually need. "My advice to anybody is not give advice to new moms. Nobody likes it," she said. "When I was pregnant and everybody was like, 'This and that,' I'm like, 'Please just stop telling me all these things . . . I kind of want to figure it out on my own. I know I'm not gonna be perfect but let me just do me . . .' Everybody has so much advice for you."

So what can you do to help new moms? Pamper them! Jennifer brought up her time working with Cardi B, saying: "See if she needs anything. 'Do you need water?' Like, when we were doing the video, she was preggies, and I was just like, 'Are you good? Do you want to sit down?' That's what they need! They need a little pampering. Take care of them. No advice." Well put, J Lo.