Jennifer Lopez Responds to Critics of Her "Too Sexy" Super Bowl Halftime Performance

The internet is still talking about Jennifer Lopez and Shakira's controversial Super Bowl LIV halftime performance, but J Lo is a mama of four and she's not about to waste her time on any unnecessary negativity. While the performance was a huge hit with those who understood its symbolism as a celebration of Latinx culture, critics of the halftime show believe it was "too sexy" and unsuitable for children. Jennifer wholeheartedly disagrees.

"I think that's honestly silliness," the Hustlers star told Variety when asked if she considers the performance too risqué. "Both of us are really respectful performers who are moms and have kids and are very conscious of what we do. [Shakira and I put on] a show that I believe was a celebration of women and our Latino culture that I think was really well reserved — and that small faction of people who want to be negative about it, I can't even let in."

Despite critics hypersexualizing her dance moves meant to shine a light on her Latina culture, Jennifer went on to say that she's proud of her performance and hopes that the real message she was trying to convey went through to her fans — adults and children alike. "The message of standing up for yourself, being a women – that's what I want to pass on to little girls — everything about you — be proud of it," she said. "I'm very proud of the performance that night."