Jessica Alba Is a Super-Relatable Mom — and We Have the Photos to Prove It

Jessica Alba may be the founder of The Honest Company, a consumer goods company that focuses on natural and nonharmful ingredients and is currently valued at $1 billion, but don't let all of her success fool you. The actress is still just a regular mom to her three adorable kids — Honor, Haven, and Hayes — and it shows in her sweet and relatable Instagram photos. Whether she's encouraging her girls to participate in STEM activities or getting baby snuggles with Hayes, Jessica doesn't just make time for her family, she embraces it. Here are 26 of Jessica's most relatable moments as a parent.


When She Celebrated With Rainbow Cakes

For daughter Haven's seventh birthday, she shared this adorable family shot, and that rainbow cake was perfection. Since rainbows are all the rage, we totally feel her on this birthday theme.


When She Had a Gender Reveal Party

Gender reveals are a popular way to announce whether you're going to have a boy or a girl, and Jessica got to celebrate Hayes's impending arrival with some blue confetti.


When She Announced Hayes's Arrival to the World

Mothers can never be too proud to show off photos of their babies!


When She Exercised With Her Kids

The family that Spins together, stays together. Encouraging healthy habits in our kids is something many parents can relate to!


When She Knew That Pool Parties Are the Best

Playing in the pool as a kid, knowing your parents are right there with you, is one of the best memories to have.


When She Recognized Her Daughter's Accomplishments

When her firstborn, Honor, completed a coding and engineering camp at UCLA, she was a proud mama.


When She Gushed About Her Baby Boy's New BFF

When your kids start making friends, no matter how young they are, you definitely melt from the cuteness.


When She Remixed Playtime

Many a bored mama has synced up music to their jumping baby. In this hilarious video, Jessica had baby Hayes participating in the "In My Feelings" challenge.


When She Shared This Smiling Gem

Hayes looked positively regal in this sweet photo.


When She Had a London Adventure With Her Middle Child

While traveling is a luxury, spending quality time with children individually is so important. Here, she had a fun adventure with daughter Haven as they explored London.


When She Knew How to Go All Out For a Holiday

Fireworks are magical enough, but when they're shared with your family, it goes to a whole other level.


When She Posed For This Sweet Family Photo

Spending time with the grandparents is so important to children, which is why this photo of Jessica and her mother-in-law is so precious.


When She Made Adorable Mother's Day Memories

The actress knows there's no better way to feel the love on Mother's Day than to be surrounded by your children.


When She Honored Those Who Helped Her

Since it takes a village to raise a family, she talked openly about who helped her become the mom she is, including her Nanny Connie.


When She Couldn't Help but Document Sibling Love

Having multiple children gives parents the opportunity to see touching moments like this one.


When She Casually Breastfed

Without fanfare, Jessica breastfed newborn Hayes.


When She Had a Spooky Family of Vampires

Halloween is such a fun holiday when you have kids, and on this spooky night, her family turned into a pack of vampires.


When She Proved Life Is All About the Little Things

Going back to school can be rough for anybody, but with cool jackets like these, she knew it might make the transition a little bit better.


When She Put In Time For Extended Family

Juggling a big family can be hard, but making time for everyone is so important.


When She Made Sure to Celebrate Milestones

Birthday parties are special moments where you realize how quickly time is slipping away. Here, the family rang in Haven's fifth birthday.


When She Watched Hayes Grow

Parents everywhere love watching their babies grow on these blankets that keep track of time, and Jessica is no different.


When She Played Tourist

Exploring a new city together as a family makes for lasting memories.


When She Knew That a Family Vacation Is Worth Every Penny

You don't need to travel to have a good time with your family, but it certainly doesn't hurt. Vacations are where memories are made, and here, Jessica enjoyed a trip to Mexico with her brood.