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Life Lessons From Grandparents

5 Major Life Lessons From My Grandmother That I Want You to Know

Life Lessons From Grandparents
Image Source: Unsplash/Jake Thacker

As far as grandmothers go, I hit the jackpot. When I was little, she was magical. As a teenager, she was the one person I never wanted to disappoint. And as an adult, she was my partner in crime. She was the epitome of strength and grace, a stoic woman whose difficult life experiences — she grew up during the Great Depression and later married a man who would walk out on her when she was pregnant with their fifth child — molded her into a most extraordinary woman. To know her was to love her, and I consider myself so fortunate to have had the opportunity to learn from her. Admittedly, I didn't fully understand or appreciate the lessons she was trying to teach me until about four years ago when I finally became a mother. Now, I see them as invaluable. Here are five life lessons I learned from my grandmother.

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