Before You Mommy-Shame Jessie James Decker For Drinking Rosé While Nursing, Read This

Mommy gets her special juice, and baby gets his as well! New mom of three Jessie James Decker recently shared a photo of herself nursing with what appears to be a flute of rosé in her hand. "Cheers b*tches," she captioned the photo above. Our first reaction to the photo was something along the lines of "dayuuuum, multitasking mama really can do it all," making note of the sleeping dog in the background and her 4-month-old's Chicago Cubs diaper, all while maintaining that perfect messy bun that screams motherhood.

The comments on Jessie's photo poured in with those questioning her drink of choice and if it is safe to consume alcohol while nursing. Before we get into the facts, let's just first say that none of us (including the people commenting), know for sure what's in her glass, although we do know that it is considered OK to drink while breastfeeding. And we're sure that Jessie is doing what she deems safe when it comes to her own breastfeeding experience. Aside from the comments questioning Jessie's parenting, one Instagram user wrote that she "just learned that it's totally fine to drink while breastfeeding," to which Jessie responded, "it is for sure."

The myths surrounding nursing and alcohol have been around for decades, but many recent studies show that very little alcohol will appear in your milk even if you've had a few cold ones (and even less will be ingested by your baby). It has not only been found that a lactating mother's blood alcohol concentration seems to rise much slower than a non-nursing mother's, but also, even though a baby takes twice as long to process alcohol in his system, little of the alcohol consumed by his mother will actually be present in the milk in the first place.

Before giving birth to baby Forrest, Jessie opened up about nursing to E! News. "I love breastfeeding," she said. "And when your nipples get really bloody, you know, put a little Vaseline, you'll be fine." It's safe to say this isn't her first rodeo.

Jessie and her husband, Eric Decker, a veteran football player recently signed by the New England Patriots, are already parents to 4-year-old daughter Vivianne and 2-year-old son Eric II. Since welcoming baby Forrest on March 31, the 30-year-old country singer has kept it so real with her followers, sharing photos of her postpartum body and explaining why weight loss isn't a priority after baby number three — "Just enjoy your new baby," she wrote. Read on to see how Jessie and Eric are enjoying life as an adorable family of five.