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Watch Jimmy Kimmel's Halloween Candy Prank

It's Far From Sweet, but 9 Years Later, Jimmy Kimmel's Halloween Prank Is Still Hilarious

That Jimmy Kimmel is nothing but evil! For the ninth year in a row, the late-night host tasked parents with telling their children they ate all of their Halloween candy just to see the kids' reactions, and well, it's still hilarious. This year, Jimmy made sure to stress that he's really a good person and does not enjoy upsetting children, but the reactions are just priceless and we can absolutely attest to that. There were so many tantrums and kids violently throwing their empty candy buckets, and things got serious when one threatened to call the police. We have to say, our favorite was the little boy who plotted revenge to eat his mom's food the next day, then screamed at her to eat her vegetables, "not candy!" Watch the hilarious video above and let this be a warning to never mess with someone's hard-earned Halloween candy.

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