After 2 Weeks of Contractions, Justin Timberlake’s Song Helped This Mom Go Into Labor

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Kassandra Hanks was having contractions every three minutes for 15 days, until Justin Timberlake's upbeat, energetic music helped finally induce her labor. The 26-year-old mom of four was four centimeters dilated and dancing around in the bathroom at a Florida hospital and hoping for a miracle when "Can't Stop the Feeling" managed to get her labor really in motion. Around the 2:08 mark, we see Kassandra go from dancing energetically to being doubled over and calling quits on the video, which was likely around the time she knew her daughter was officially on the way!

According to Caters News Agency, less than 48 hours after the video ended, Kassandra welcomed her daughter and fourth child, Rylee Grace. Watch the video above and see the magic that Justin Timberlake's music can have on this expectant mom. We knew JT had a powerful voice, but this proves just how influential it really is!