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Pregnant Woman Pole Dancing While in Labor

This Pregnant Woman Just Crushed a Pole-Dance Routine — While in Active Labor

So...I'm officially in labour :) Got a few hours before we go to the hospital so thought I'd do some pole between contractions :) I promised I'd dedicate my labour day Iron X to our good friend Daniel Roe-barnett - so here it is :) For licensing enquiries please contact:

Posted by Kat Bailey on Sunday, July 31, 2016

When the contractions start, some moms-to-be turn to dance to get through the pain. As entertaining as these viral clips of pregnant women shaking their bumps are, nothing is more impressive than what this mom did on a pole while in active labor.

Kat Bailey had promised a friend that she would perform a special move on a pole when she was in labor and kept true to her word shortly after her water broke. The talented performer from the United Kingdom displayed a move called the "human flag," in which she held her body horizontally with her legs split. Kat uploaded the impressive video to Facebook, and as she placed her legs back on the ground, she said, "Ta-da! Baby can come now." We're sure that strength and flexibility helped her through the rest of her delivery!

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