Oops, Kaavia Got a *Little* Distracted While Styling Her Mom Gabrielle Union's Hair

Hairbrush in hand, Kaavia James was laser-focused when her mom, Gabrielle Union, let her style her hair — but not so much on the actual styling. "When @larryjarahsims goes on vacation and your replacement stylist gets distracted easily," Gabrielle captioned an Instagram video of Kaavia "working" on her hair on Friday. "You still workin' on my hair back there? . . . Kaav?" Gabrielle asked her daughter uncertainly before Kaavia answered with a half-hearted, "Yeah." The distraction in question? A movie playing in the background at Kaavia's at-home "salon."

"Kaav, you're watching the movie!" Gabrielle said through laughter. Eyes wide and glued to the screen off camera, Kaavia mumbled another noncommittal, "Yeah," and the nonchalance this 2-year-old exhibits is truly impressive. "Well, she's honest," Gabrielle said before letting Kaavia spray her ponytail and add a few finishing touches to the neatly styled updo. "Paying attention or not she killed the style," Hair Love director Matthew A. Cherry commented, and if that isn't the highest compliment a 2-year-old hairstylist can get, then I don't know what is. Check out the full video above, and be warned: Kaavia's faces will have you cracking up.