Watch Baby Kaavia James Rock Her Heart-Shaped Sunglasses Like a Straight-Up Boss

Make no mistake — 1-year-old Kaavia James may be a baby, but she's no stranger to the world of fashion. On Monday, Gabrielle Union shared an Instagram video of her daughter slipping on a pair of heart-shaped shades with pink lenses, with Snoop Dogg's "The One and Only" playing in the background — such a boss! "Future So Bright . . . yall know the rest," Gabrielle captioned the video of Kaavia, who's rocking an "It was the dog" onesie. Kaavia has taken us on a truly hilarious face journey in the past, but the look she gives the camera right before she puts on her shades has me hitting the replay button over and over again. Watch the full meme-worthy video above.