Baby Kaavia Is an Independent Shady Baby Already Washing Her Own Hair

Kaavia James Union Wade, you are one independent woman! Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade are often capturing their daughter's iconic moments like when she *borrows* her mom's jewelry, her infamous "group hugs" with the family, her first time going down a slide, and her latest, Kaavia's first stab at independence. Gabrielle recently shared a video to Kaavia's Instagram feed from their bath time, and we simply don't know how someone could be such a teenager at just 2 years old!

"My Momma thinks Co-Wash means we BOTH doing something. Ma'am, stand down please. I got this," she wrote in the caption, as she washed her hair with cleansing conditioner from the Flawless by Gabrielle Union line. Kaavia basically looked at her mom and said, "thanks for the great hair products, Mom, but I'm good!" It's pretty incredible to see Gabrielle teaching Kaavia to be so self-sufficient at a young age. It's important! Check out the adorable video above.