"No, I'm Kevin!" Kevin Jonas Filmed His Daughters Making Fun of the Jonas Brothers

After over 15 years in the music business, Kevin Jonas and his multiple awards are no match for the imagination of his two daughters, 7-year-old Alena and 4-year-old Valentina. Kevin posted the hilarious clip just hours after sharing a glimpse at the Jonas Brothers' 2020 Billboard Music Awards for top radio song, "Sucker," top radio song artist, and top duo/group. Like shiny new toys, the awards were perfect playtime props for the sisters, who took the opportunity to do their best impressions of all three Jonas Brothers into the gold microphones.

"I'm Kevin!" Valentina said, lowering her voice to sound more like her dad. "I'm Joe. I'm Nick," Alena said afterward, mimicking her uncles Joe and Nick Jonas's voices before breaking out into a fit of giggles. "Welp," Kevin captioned the video, and even he could be heard laughing from behind the camera. Something tells us this isn't the last time Alena and Valentina will be working on their Jonas Brothers impressions. Until next time, see their adorable playtime video here.