"What'd I Miss?": How Kristen Bell's Daughter Drives Her "Nuts" During Chaotic Movie Nights

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Kristen Bell had parents all over the world nodding in agreement with one simple sentence: "I'm excited that the world will open again." On Tuesday, the actress and mom of two sat down virtually with guest host Chelsea Handler on The Ellen DeGeneres Show to discuss all things parenting during lockdown. While Kristen and hubby Dax Shepard have always been extremely open about their relationship, Kristen gave us a vivid look at what movie night, specifically, is like at their home, and it sounds hilariously chaotic.

"It's good most of the time, but my 6-year-old has pretty consistently done this thing that drives me nuts," Kristen said about their younger daughter. "A lot of the stuff we do is watch movies, not a ton of other things to do. So we'll sit down to watch a movie, we'll be five minutes in, she'll get bored and she'll get up to do a craft. . . . So she'll sit at the table and do it for like an hour and a half, she's having so much fun . . . then she comes back to the couch and 10 minutes before the movie's over, she goes, 'OK, what'd I miss?' and I'm like, 'That is absolutely unacceptable!'"

Delta sounds like a 6-year-old who knows exactly how to push her parents' buttons, because Kristen said she does it "every other night." When it comes to parenting their daughters — Delta and 8-year-old Lincoln — Kristen said she and Dax both make the rules . . . but she's slightly more malleable than Dax is. "I definitely am more of the pushover. I try to make rules, but I'm also a big fan of, 'Make a better argument!'" she said. "If you make a really good argument why you should have a cupcake before bed, like, OK! But it's got to be a good argument, and the problem is they're both little prosecutors so they make really good arguments. He's more of a rule-maker."

"[I]t's a lot to be captured in a house with two children."

While Kristen and Dax started a nightly "kindness hour" with their kids during the pandemic, she kept it completely real about their home life over the last year. "You know what, it's a lot to be captured in a house with two children. It's like having NPR on, but two different stations at all times but if it were all questions." Watch the hilarious interview above, and hear Kristen talk about home life with Dax around the 5:15 mark.