Kristin Cavallari Doesn't Care What You Think About the Size of Her Kids

Even though we're not in the states, were still celebrating 🎉 hope everyone has a fun and safe 4th! #MyGuys

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Internet commenters are not known for their rational opinions, and Kristin Cavallari is the latest celebrity to experience their wrath. When she posted an adorable shot of her two sons and husband, Jay Cutler, on the Fourth of July, people criticized their small size. Kristin, however, doesn't care what they thought about how big or small Camden Jack, 3, and Jaxon Wyatt, 2, appeared. She'll just block you, as she posted to the comments: "Yep, I starve my children. Just blocked the most people I've ever blocked in my entire life. Happy 4th hahaha."

Kristin is probably used to the criticism, given she has spoken publicly about not vaccinating her children and her strict GMO-free diet. But in her eyes, size-shaming kids is just not OK.