Cardi B Let Kulture Do Her Makeup, and Her Facial Expression Truly Says It All

One day after Cardi B addressed online trolls who criticize her for not wearing makeup, she gave them a taste of exactly what they so desperately wanted — well, sort of. On Wednesday, the "Up" rapper shared a series of videos on her Instagram Stories showing Kulture doing her makeup at home, and it wound up being quite the one-of-a-kind look. Using her finger as a makeshift brush, the 2-year-old sporadically applied a mix of brown and red eye shadow to her mom's lids (and nose and lips), and she topped things off with a touch of lime green shadow for good measure. How very avant-garde of her!

Meanwhile, as her toddler swiped away on her face, Cardi maintained a relatable "Yep, this is really happening right now, and I look ridiculous" facial expression, at one point asking her daughter, "I look pretty?" To be totally honest, it's not the worst makeup job we've ever seen from a famous tiny tot. In fact, it sort of reminds us of the watercolor eye makeup trend, so perhaps Kulture is a beauty influencer in the making. Ahead, take a look at her craftsmanship and decide for yourself.