Cardi B's Adorable Daughter, Kulture, Sings Along to Rihanna's "Work" — and Looks Just Like Her Mama

Could Kulture get any more adorable?! Cardi B's happy toddler was seen singing along to "Work" by Rihanna in a video clip shared to the "WAP" rapper's Instagram stories. As soon as the little cutie hears the song start playing, her whole face lights up, and she starts making animated faces just like her superstar mom.

The video shows Kulture wrapped up in a towel and appears to be just before bath time, when Cardi starts playing "Work" in the background. The little toddler instantly recognises the song and starts singing along, trying to keep up with Rihanna's fast patois lyrics, while her mum is heard laughing in the background. In the full clip, which is no longer available, Kulture makes tons of funny faces that are obviously mimicking her comedian mom.

Watch a snippet of the cute Instagram story from one of Kulture's fan accounts above.