This Is What It's Like Leaving Your First Child With Their Grandparents Versus Your Third

Leaving your first child to spend a night with their grandparents should be easy — you're exhausted, you need the break, and they raised you, so clearly they know what they're doing. However, it's anything but. You get paranoid about everything and give a million directives that likely get laughed off by your parents, which really doesn't help the situation.

Fast-forward a few years to when you've got more experience under your belt and maybe had another kid or two, and suddenly the idea of leaving your second or third child with their grandparents is a complete no-brainer. If you've been in this situation, it may have broken down a bit like this:

First child: As far as meals go, we haven't introduced any meat, grains, or root vegetables, and we're staying away from fruit juices or any kind of fruit.
Third child: FYI: all he's had to eat today are chocolate chips, so you might want to feed him. You do you.

First child: We don't do any screen time and that includes television, phones, or windows with a particularly strong reflection.
Third child: As far as screen time goes, please, no more than 18 hours a day. We have standards.

First child: Here's a burner cell . . . it's preprogrammed with all the important phone numbers — mine of course, the pediatrician, osteopath, homeopath.
Third child: If you have any kind of emergency, please do not hesitate to call . . . 911. My phone's actually going to be off.

Watch the video above for more hilarious differences.