24 Mantras Every Mom Needs to Say to Herself in the Mirror in 2018

Motherhood is hard . . . would make a terrible mantra. But that really is the crux of so many of our most exhausting, overwhelming moments. This whole motherhood thing is just plain hard.

As we prepare for a new year and, ideally, a fresh perspective, we really also ought to be preparing our own mommy mantras — a personal affirmation or intention that you recite whenever you need a boost. Whether you say it to yourself as you blow-dry your hair in the bathroom mirror or jot it down on a Post-It note that you plaster on your office computer screen or mumble it under your breath whenever you're putting your toddler in time-out, having a mantra is one small step toward having a better day. And we could all use more of those, right?

Read on for 28 inspiring — and LOL-worthy — mantras that you'll be committing to memory . . . or, at the very least, saving to your Instagram feed.

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