Mark Wahlberg's Daughter Wanted to Play Basketball . . . So He Brought In an NBA Star to Coach

When I was growing up, one hour in the backyard would consist of basketball, soccer, rollerblading, a softball catch, and of course, three quality minutes of Skip It, but for Mark Wahlberg's 9-year-old daughter, she's sticking to basketball. So, what does Marky Mark do when his daughter wants to pursue hoops? He brings in the big guns for some coaching! On Tuesday, Mark shared a video of his adorable daughter Gracie learning some tips from Philadelphia 76ers' shooting guard Jimmy Butler. The four-time NBA All-Star is often referred to as "Jimmy Buckets," so we can all agree that Gracie is in good hands.

"My Gracie said she wanted to start playing basketball, so I got her a coach," Mark says in the video. "Jimmy Butler coaching little Gracie! Oh GOD! WNBA here we come." Well, WNBA star Candace Parker had some thoughts, as she commented on Mark's video, "She needs to learn footwork from a woman in the WNBA . . . the NBA travels too much! 😂." Touché.

We have to commend Mark's parenting efforts for bringing in serious talent to coach Gracie, but it's all in good fun (if you couldn't tell by the red wine in Jimmy's hand). In an interview with Rolling Stone in 2015, Jimmy said that he and Mark became good friends when Mark was filming Transformers in Chicago, when Jimmy was on the Bulls. "He wanted to play basketball so he came to practice," he said. "The facts are skewed. Some say he won, I say I won. It's all about whose word you're gonna believe. From there, it just became a budding friendship. We talk a lot, hang out, especially in the off-season."

Now, Jimmy has a new hobby for his off-season — coaching Gracie Wahlberg, who he boasts is his "BEST FRANNN." Watch the adorable clip above, and remember Gracie's name when she's called in the WNBA draft in 13 years.