Watching Max Greenfield Honestly Answer Parenting Questions Is My New Guilty Pleasure

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I've picked up a lot of parenting vices during the pandemic (Screens for everyone! No dessert left behind! Bedtimes are mere suggestions!), but I've just discovered a new guilty pleasure for 2022, and that is repeatedly watching this YouTube video of Max Greenfield answering questions about being a dad. A touch specific, yes, but trust me: this father of two's straight-into-the-camera confessions of the lies he tells his kids and his defeated acknowledgment over the utter lack of respect his daughter has for him is strangely soothing . . . like a cool glass of Chardonnay after a long day of forgetting to log into your preschooler's remote music class.

Maybe it's because I'm a devoted fan of Schmidt from New Girl, or maybe it's because I've watched the actor barely survive a year of homeschooling his kids on his Instagram feed. Or! Maybe it's because when asked about a major parenting fail, a hoodied-up Max replied: "I don't know that I've had one big one . . . but what feel like continuous fails . . . daily." Whatever it is, this 90-second video is serving up something well worth me obliterating my daily screen time limit to watch on a loop.